Bhavana Singh: Invest In Yourself

“Are you going to Witness Success (or Dreamforce or TrailheaDX) this year”?
“Oh I am not sure, I have asked my boss. She hasn’t responded yet”

I have had this conversation so many times. The belief that we can only go to the conferences that we are allowed by our employer. Sometimes it is the matter of taking the extra time off for the conference, but more often than not the reason is financial.

I myself used to subscribe to the same belief…
…until I became my own employer. Then I wondered why I had wasted so many opportunities? Why did I not invest in myself? Why did I wait for permission to elevate myself? Would I get more value out of these if I personally invested in them?

I was in a tough situation last year. I had been laid off after being at a company for 13 years. It was totally unexpected. I made a decision to go independent and work for myself. It took awhile before I found any projects to work on. My husband encouraged me to have faith and invest in myself. So I signed up for TrailheaDX, Mid-West Dreamin and Witness Success. It was an uncomfortable decision as I had no income at that time.

I know that Witness Success planted several seeds that bore fruit later in the year. At the end of the weekend, I found myself empowered more than ever before. I felt like I could change the world. It sounds cliched, but that weekend really changed my life, my perspective. It elevated my thinking.

So this is what my past year has been :

  • I have clients and I am working on exciting projects that I’m completely invested in
  • I became a RAD Women coach
  • I got three certifications
  • I had an opportunity to speak at the community cove at TrailheadDX
  • I was awarded a golden hoodie and a medal of core values by Salesforce
  • I am part of the She Codes book club where we discuss totally geeky books
  • I am daring to climb the CTA pyramid (I have even announced it out loud)
  • I was approached by many people telling me that I have inspired them to do something more than they are currently doing.

I invite you to consider this – if there is a conference that sounds like a good opportunity, maybe it is time you invested in yourself. I encourage you to take that step.
Invest in yourself.

Come to Witness Success.
Make connections.
Find Inspiration.
Create lifelong Friendships.
And most important of all – Have Fun.

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