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Why I’m attending WITness Success – by Chris Duarte

And why I think you should attend, too. Full disclosure: I am not on the board or planning committee for WITness Success, nor am I speaking at this year’s event. The organizers did not ask me to write this. WITness Success is a conference centered around women working in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is community-organized and community-led, and […]

Blind Session Judging & The Confidence to Try

Public speaking is something many people struggle with. As a frequent event speaker, and someone who constantly struggles with severe anxiety, every time I submit a session I get personally involved. People always say to keep it professional, but I can’t help myself,. I always feel like my very heart and soul are being sized […]

Bhavana Singh: Invest In Yourself

“Are you going to Witness Success (or Dreamforce or TrailheaDX) this year”? “Oh I am not sure, I have asked my boss. She hasn’t responded yet” Hmmm… I have had this conversation so many times. The belief that we can only go to the conferences that we are allowed by our employer. Sometimes it is […]

An Ally’s View

I occasionally am asked why am I active in the Women In Tech community and why I attend WIT meetups. The answer is many-fold: to celebrate successes, to offer support, to listen. As a gay, white male, many of the same people in the rooms that I attend are my allies and I theirs. I […]

A Personal Journey

The support the WIT community provides is a strong energetic undercurrent.  There is always a cheerleader/mentor/extra hand around to help with any questions.  You can reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or the Trailblazer community and someone will always be able to find someone who can help you along.  I’ve never experienced that in my career […]

5 Reasons I Joined the WITness Success Core Team

WITness Success 2017 was my first Salesforce Community-organized event, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. As a new leader of the Washington, DC WIT group, I felt it was important that I attend this inaugural event to form relationships with my colleagues from across the globe. Sure, I knew that […]

MST Solution’s Women in Technology

We are fortunate to work for an organization that not only supports diversity and inclusion, but one that encourages innovation and ignites passion! It is because of this that we were inspired to found MST Solution’s Women in Technology (WIT) program in 2017.  Since the program’s inception, our eyes have been opened to endless possibilities on […]