Conference Tracks


  • Education & Technical  #WITnessDevelopment
    Dive into best practices in development, tech skills, tools, and your own personal brand to differentiate yourself in a competitive market. Sessions in this track will focus on education and action items you can take home for your clients to #WITness.
  • Personal Growth   #WITnessStrength 
    Build your mental and physical strength on this track where we expand on the things that make us better humans, make us stronger employers & employees and make us more well rounded. From life skills to our Allies Dinner. Sessions in this track will help you level up on your empathy, life balance, and personal growth.

Speaker Proposals

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Bonus Development

Networking  #WITnessConnection
Build a community of Salesforce professionals who are just as passionate about their jobs as you are, connect with companies that have new ideas and best practices who are developing the next steps in tech, and make lasting friendships. Find your people here.