Different Than a “Dreamin”

Other “Dreamin’s”

All over the globe, user group-led regional events have been popping up over the years. The idea of these events is that the local user group leaders will bring host an extra special couple of days of user group meeting something like a mini Dreamforce event to their local area. If one has been hosted in your area & you’ve attended, you know that the event usually provides a series of booths where you can talk to vendors in the ecosystem, a couple high quality keynote speakers from the ecosystem (usually), and wide range of content on how to configure & develop on the Salesforce platform.

vs. WITness Success: What’s Different?

WITness Success is a bit different. The format evolves around a woman’s career in the Salesforce ecosystem. There should be very little to no technical content on “how-to” Salesforce. We won’t have an expo hall with vendors, but instead a Career Fair where tech employers in the ecosystem can talk to our members about different career path options. Also, while there may be a few attendees that are local or from around the region, the event is planned by, hosted by, & intended for the Women in Tech user groups around the world. With over 50 WIT user groups globally, we definitely hope we can showcase the range of women in their Salesforce careers across the ecosystem.

Another thing that’s possibly going to be different about this #WITConf17 event? With the goal of building careers on the Salesforce platform & within the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s possible that WITness Success is an event your boss doesn’t want you to attend. But then why would he; you’ll only return to the office empowered to ask for that raise, negotiate a better salary at a new job or even be motivated to change the entire direction of your career. So that’s different!

vs. WITness Success: What’s the Same?

What’s the same? There will be fantastic keynotes from Salesforce dignitaries, the wide range of the Salesforce Community will be out in full force, and we hope everyone will leave the event with ideas, expanded networks, and even possibly the elation of Dreamforce!

For more information about other community-led events, visit Kate Vickery’s All The Dreamin’ blog. Image used from the wonderful graphic facilitation exercise by the talented Sharon Zeugin…thank you again!