How WITness Success has helped Silverline hire kickass talent and why we’re coming back for more!

Last year Silverline sponsored the career fair at WITness Success and we were thrilled to support women in technology. The conference created such productive dialogue about the real issues that women in tech face, and how we all can be more empathetic, sensitive, and proactive about turning this community into one that will benefit all future generations. At Silverline, we believe that it’s so important to support equality, diversity, and inclusion. After all, the more voices at the table, the better the conversation will be.

“Sponsoring WITness Success created the opportunity to meet smart, talented, and successful Salesforce technology professionals. When we first heard about this conference, we jumped at the chance to show our support and are delighted to continue to support and sponsor at the highest level this year. We are looking forward to extending our reach and to meeting even more talented professionals who are interested in joining our growing team!” – Christina Kucharyszyn, Talent Acquisition Lead at Silverline

“Witness Success was a total success for me personally and professionally. I co-led a workshop on resume building which I still get feedback on. I also met my current employer, Silverline at Witness Success. It was also wonderful to be surrounded by amazing women we had so many engaging conversations on topics ranging from balancing life to being an ally.” – Lizz Hellinga, Manager, Sales Operations at Silverline

Please be sure to stop by our table located in the career fair at WITness Success this July and say hi! If you are looking for a career change here’s all the open roles at Silverline.