Inspirational Abhilasha Singh – I brought WITness Success to India’s WIT Community

After TrailheaDX’17, I got a chance to attend Witness Success, first ever Salesforce focused Women Conference, which was organized in Chicago. This event is about to support, encourage Women In Tech user group members and leaders. In this event I got a chance to meet awesome Women in tech MVPs, leaders and members. 

There was an amazing lineup of WIT speakers who shared their journey about their struggles in life, and the journey of reaching the successful position where they are now. So many sessions were going on parallel, so I was able to attend only few sessions.

There were few workshops as well where we learned about resume building, it was a great learning session. There I learned about the how to choose the best fit certifications for your carrier, what are the key skills we need to add in our resume etc. There was a WIT Panels session with awesome panelist, where we discussed few topics to understand the difficulties of a working women and some stories of the successful WITs.

And most important moment of the event for me when I got to receive the “Tami V. Esling” award.

I want to thank Kyla and team who has chosen me for this award. I am so glad and honored

With the help of Kyla and team I was able to organize Witness Success’17 all over India.

Now-a-days, Indian WIT Community is growing very fast as of now we have more than 15 WIT groups in India and this event was not possible without the help of awesome Indian WIT Leaders too. Cheers to all the WIT Leaders.

This year we are looking for more awesome and inspiring WIT stories, personal and professional life journeys. Looking for more workshops about the Career advice, helping and supporting each other in Salesforce Ohana.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Witness Success Team, thanks for organizing such an awesome event, where we get to meet amazing people and get inspired. I think everyone should come and attend Witness Success Event, not only for the connections but also to learn and know about the awesome WITs.

About Me:I am Salesforce Developer with 400+ Trailheadbadges. I am leader of India WITgroup. I am also RAD Women Coach, teaching Apex to WIT Community.

Connect with me on Twitter @sweety_abhior LinkedInand of course in person at upcoming Salesforce events.

Nominate a member of the Salesforce Ohana for the Tami Esling award.