Gabriela Pedroni

Twitter: @gabbalishus 

Project Manager, Periccia LLC
Co-Founder, Periccia LLC
Irvine, CA WIT Co-Lead
L.A. Force Academy Leadership Team
NorCal Dreamin’ Leadership Team
WITness Success Team
Volunteer at PepUp Tech
Non-Profit Consulting

Gabriela is the co-founder and project manager at Periccia, a Salesforce implementation consulting firm based out of Southern California. Gaby is one of the leaders of the Irvine Women in Tech group. She also co-leads Tahoe Dreamin, NorCal Dreamin, Force Academy LA and Witness Success. Gabriela donates her extra time to PepUp Tech, a non-profit helping underrepresented minorities get into tech careers through Salesforce education. She also donates her time to nonprofits to do pro bono work a couple times a year. Gaby has worked in the finance, medical and real estate industries and she always brings a valuable perspective to her projects. Gabriela is the proud mother of 5 children and enjoys her spare time with her husband. Gaby loves working out and making people feel loved and happy. She firmly believes that women should always support each other in any way possible. We shouldn’t fight for a seat at the table but help promote more opportunities to come to it. “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” ~ Shine Theory

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