Sponsor FAQs for #WITConf17

This post is intended to help prepare our partners with items they may need to do from a sponsorship perspective to put their best foot forward.

Should we send collateral for attendees?

If you have purchased a Director, VP-level or CEO sponsorship package, you’re eligible to include an appropriately-sized flyer (see your invoice for your entitlement) in the registration materials for attendees. We expect roughly 200 or less. Anything you need shipped in advance should go to the mailing address provided along with your sponsorship Flow of Show document.

Should we bring a tablecloth or pop-up banner?

If you are participating in the Career Fair (i.e. have purchased a Director, VP-level or CEO sponsorship package), and you wish to “spruce up” your high-top pub table with your own branded items, you may do so. Just be sure you can keep within the roughly 4×4 space allowed where the pub table is placed.

Do you need any payment from us?

If you’re receiving this email, you don’t likely need to submit any payment at this time. However, you’re always welcome to submit all questions, including ones like these, to support@witnesssuccess.com.

How many people should we send as staffers?

Your sponsorship package indicates how many gratis registrations are available to you. If you are eligible to receive a code for free registration, you should have already received it following payment in full. Of course, you are definitely able to purchase as many tickets as you’d like for the event.

Are you giving out a scanning app, providing a registration list to us, or should we plan on collecting names on our own?

If you are one of our Premier Sponsors (Director level or above), you will receive the attendee list as a part of your package, per the terms & conditions of attendee registration. If you are sending staff and have a hosted sponsorship opportunity (i.e. not Director level or above), you will need to be prepared to collect contact information as you navigate the event.

What is the Vendor Career Fair. Is it an exhibition spot where our company could present some job opportunities?

Yes it is! Or have general discussions about what the path might look like to one day be “ready” for various job roles at other companies, if you’re a recruiting organization. If your organization would like to participate, upgrade to Director-level or above in the Premium Sponsorship Tiers!