Trailheart Award

Formerly the Tami Esling Award

The Tami Esling Award is presented each year during WITness Success to honor the legacy of Salesforce MVP, Austin User Group Leader, Austin Women in Tech Member, and Salesforce Saturday Champion, Tami Esling.

Tami was a beautiful soul who we tragically lost far too soon. She gave back selflessly to the Salesforce Community. Tami was a Wife, Mother, Sister, Teacher. She embodied the very essence of the Salesforce MVP Ohana.

This year we have renamed the award, in honor of Tami, as a way for more to understand the meaning & identify the sentiment.

Do you know someone that gives to this community wholeheartedly and without the expected reciprocation of notoriety? Do you want to highlight someone that has lit up your day, week or life? Is there that someone that helped you in ways you couldn’t ever repay?

Please nominate here: Trailheart Award Nominations

Previous Year’s winners include: 

  • Kathy Waterworth #WITConf23
  • Nickki Gibeaut #WITConf19                      
  • Tami Lau #WITConf18   
  • Abhilasha Singh #WITConf17     
Kathy Waterworth
Trailhead Award Winner
Nickki Gibeaut
Tami Esling Award Winner
Tami Lau #WITConf18
Tami Esling Award Winner

Abhilasha Singh #WITConf17 
Tami Esling Award Winner