WITness What’s To Come for 2019

As the holiday season approaches there are so many things to be excited for. Not only spending time with loved ones, but it’s a time for reflection and looking forward to a new year. That’s what we are doing for WITness Success 2019. We are looking forward to a new year of growth and passion.

Our New Year’s resolution is already made. To bring you the WITness Success event that you have known for 2 years, but then to add some sparkle!

2019 will bring new content, and expanded agenda and 2 full conference days! Why did we make this our resolution? Because of YOU!

Feedback came in and we listened. #WSConf19 will include content that is not only geared towards promoting yourself, building your resume and negotiation skills but will have sessions that are specific towards building your technical toolbox: admin skills, developer skills and even building to becoming a Certified Technical Architect. In order to accommodate a well-rounded approach to developing skills, we have expanded the agenda to be a full day on Friday and full day on Saturday.

The Allies Dinner is still a staple the conference will be in full force this year to celebrate our Allies and learn together how we can support others and be Allies to those around us.

Last year over 275 community members, Salesforce employees and Allies participated in WITness Success 2018. Make sure you & your company participate in 2019!