WITness What’s To Come for 2019

As the holiday season approaches there are so many things to be excited for. Not only spending time with loved ones, but it’s a time for reflection and looking forward to a new year. That’s what we are doing for WITness Success 2019. We are looking forward to a new year of growth and passion. […]

Why WITness Success? Why Me and Why Now?

Guest post: Eric Dreshfield, Ally Last year I attended the Allies Dinner at WITness Success because it was being held in Chicago right after Midwest Dreamin’. I knew many of the organizers of WITness Success and wanted to see what the event was all about but couldn’t stay past the dinner. It didn’t take long for […]

Finding Your Tribe

Susannah Kate St-Germain is a 9x certified Salesforce Architect. She started her career with Salesforce as an accidental admin….she actually went to college (and graduate school) for music! After dabbling with Salesforce administration for years at multiple nonprofits, Susannah took the plunge and pursued a full-time career in tech after getting inspired at her local […]

Why I’m attending WITness Success – by Chris Duarte

And why I think you should attend, too. Full disclosure: I am not on the board or planning committee for WITness Success, nor am I speaking at this year’s event. The organizers did not ask me to write this. WITness Success is a conference centered around women working in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is community-organized and community-led, and […]

Blind Session Judging & The Confidence to Try

Public speaking is something many people struggle with. As a frequent event speaker, and someone who constantly struggles with severe anxiety, every time I submit a session I get personally involved. People always say to keep it professional, but I can’t help myself,. I always feel like my very heart and soul are being sized […]

Bhavana Singh: Invest In Yourself

“Are you going to Witness Success (or Dreamforce or TrailheaDX) this year”? “Oh I am not sure, I have asked my boss. She hasn’t responded yet” Hmmm… I have had this conversation so many times. The belief that we can only go to the conferences that we are allowed by our employer. Sometimes it is […]