Dream Work Makes the Team Work

In this post we talk about the make up & rationales for the various teams. Here we will break down the Core Team specifically, since they’ve put a ton of hours in across many months in both broad and specific ways.

Early Days

At first, things operated a bit like a startup, where everyone wore many hats and pitched in where things were needed. Eventually though, clearer lines formed around operations, public relations & promotion, content planning, sponsorships and volunteer management. Let’s talk about who does what in the days leading up to the event.

Division of duties

Jocelyn is the money tracking & sponsor invoicing guru, making sure we know where we stand against deliverables in our hotel contract. Since the day we picked our our event name, Melinda has served as the event social media guru, tweeting & generating buzz. Jean came into this event ready for anything, yet with the spirit and experience to pull together our volunteer program, and the copy for our event program too in fact! Melissa has generated early sponsor marketing materials, championed the nonprofit’s needs, and provided tools and support along the way. And Amber’s help pushed us over the line with event management tips, content team process & coordination, and of course being generally awesome at cheering the rest of the Core Team that’s been doing this for many months now.

Team Lead

I was there since the beginning too from every perspective, helping us keep vision and on task, with things like drafting the V2MOM. While we planned to have someone join the team specifically to serve in the role, and of course everyone on the team has generated leads & put some time in, I also have been talking to sponsors lately. It’s been such an excellent experience so far, though so much work, and a true pleasure to lead this team of volunteers.

Dream Work Makes the Team Work

This conference planning process has taken a long time. Without the dream, the vision, the idea of this valuable & powerful event at the end of all the work, we may never have made it this far. We all pitched in, powered up, and pushed along, looking forward to this day coming up 6 weeks from now. Here’s to dreams that come true.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions on how we built the team, find me on Twitter at @SeriouslyKyla, Women in Tech group in the Success Community, find our Facebook page or comment below!