MST Solution’s Women in Technology

We are fortunate to work for an organization that not only supports diversity and inclusion, but one that encourages innovation and ignites passion! It is because of this that we were inspired to found MST Solution’s Women in Technology (WIT) program in 2017. 

Since the program’s inception, our eyes have been opened to endless possibilities on the changes that we can make in our company, industry and community. Our vision is to support and guide women through personal and professional development to become thought leaders in their fields. We also seek to break boundaries, challenge status-quo, and fuel innovation that contribute to stronger business and add to the bottom line. 

It doesn’t matter your level of Salesforce expertise, we all have a seat in the room and can be a part of the Salesforce WIT community. Our Phoenix SF WIT is a warm, spirited, passionate group of intelligent women that welcomes inappropriate parenting stories, and we want to be a part of it! Let’s be honest, all of us would prefer to learn about Process Builder over wine and a delicious cheese board.  Gone are the days of stuffy networking events, instead WIT events are a place where women can connect over professional development, but even more, can support one another’s personal growth.

One of the most impactful experiences from the 2017 WITness Success sessions was seeing how vulnerable all the speakers allowed themselves to be. This might not have been a specific session, but we walked away with a new foundational change; that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. If we allow ourselves to show who we really are, through our own vulnerability, then everyone we encounter (even the men) will see our most authentic and genuine selves which will allow us to achieve our highest goals.

We came back from the conference energized and feeling deeply connected to not only the Salesforce community, but also to each other and the growing network of women across the country who are sharing our experiences. WITness Success gave us the grit to bring women in tech and inclusion to the forefront for our own company. This year in particular, with so many of women’s experiences being shared in the public sphere we’re excited to bring together this inspiring group of women and allies and see what new trouble we can stir up. 

We are excited and honored to sponsor this year’s event; it provides us an opportunity to give back to a community that has provided us with grace and support, and also because we recognize the strength that a chorus of voices can have to make real change.

From the women of MST Solutions who attended WITness Success 2017,


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