Rakia Finley

Twitter: @rakiamc

CEO & Founder, Surge Assembly & FIN Digital

Rakia Finley is the Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of FIN Digital and Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Surge Group. She is responsible for leading and strengthening both companies’ offerings and success internationally. With over 13 years’ experience in the technology industry, she is an expert on the needs associated with digital creation and growth. As a FemTech 2016 & 2017 Powerful Woman Programmer, Rakia worked with the Obama Administration on their ‘Girls in STEM’ initiative and continues to develop innovative technology solutions that support national organizations creating over 50 jobs in Washington, DC to date.

Rakia is a serial investor and entrepreneur with ventures in a number of industries nationally. Rakia loves to empower her fellow women by speaking and providing mentorship to the next generation of businesswomen. She is a successful entrepreneur who thoroughly enjoys engaging with the tech community and sharing all the wisdom she has garnered throughout her journey.

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