WITness Success Spotlight: Allison Park

Allison Park came up the traditional IT career path as a business analyst/programmer/executive for different service and product oriented corporations. She earned a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.S. in Information Technology from Northwestern University. Then, she discovered Salesforce (cue the dramatic music). This started her down a consulting path helping companies to use Salesforce and other technologies to enhance and grow their business. When she is not pursuing the next certification (4x certified), she can be found on Lake Michigan sailing with her family.



What does the WIT community mean to you?

WIT is a community where I can be involved at the local and global level. We learn together what female-identifying means in a currently male-dominated Technology space. This mission, to improve our collective professional and personal lives, means a great deal to me. I have been in a technology focused career for over 30 years. The WIT community is a source of empowerment and support.


How did the event impact you?

Since it was the first year, I did not come with any expectations. I knew I would meet many women from different places who all have a career in Salesforce in common. What I did not expect and continue to be inspired by, were the wealth of women who are professional heroines of mine who openly discussed their struggles of being a woman in a technical career path. These women shared their experiences making themselves vulnerable. I was not prepared for how profoundly it touched me to hear other women whom I admire face down their own challenges and continue to work toward a professionally and personally satisfying life. I will never forget it.


What do you hope to see/get out of it/expect from the next event?

I look forward to meeting new people and hearing more stories of how women from different walks of life have made a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. As I write this, it sounds too good to be true. After my experience last year, I have no doubt the next event will live up to my expectations. It is a natural result of putting that much awesome into one place.


The time at WITness Success goes by so quickly. It means I only get a chance to meet and connect with a few people while I’m there. I would welcome the chance to hear about the experience of others at WITness Success. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Connect with Allison Park

Twitter: @allisonapark

LinkedIn: Allison Park